Can I change my
Child Support Assessment

Yes – but you need to establish grounds In short, yes you can.  You can:- apply to change your child support assessment if you pay child support; or apply to change your child support assessment if you receive child support. However, the Child Support Agency will o…
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Child Support
– can I get it back?

In limited circumstances, if it arises that a person (the ‘paying parent’) has been paying child support and it becomes evident that there was no basis for this payment because they were not the parent of that child, then they may be able to apply to the Court…
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Child Support after 18

Will I still have to pay child support after my child turns 18? In certain circumstances, yes you may. Application to extend child support assessment A parent receiving child support for a child who is turning 18; and completing full time secondary education; can make a…
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paternity test, fingerprint and dna string

Paternity Doubt: Do I
have to pay child support?

Doubts about paternity often arise after parents separate. One reason for these queries to be raised is where the parents of a child separate and the father is assessed to pay child support. If the person does not believe they should be liable to pay child support because…
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child support

Child Support – make it easier

Parents almost always complain about the child support system, both paying parents and parents who receive child support.  However there are certain things that parents can do to make child support easier. Private Agreements A lot of parents would pefer not to deal wi…
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