Buying or Selling a Property?

Our residential conveyancing section deals exclusively with residential sales and purchases of houses, units and vacant land.

We have highly trained and experienced paralegals working closely with the supervising partner so that we can undertake the work competitively from a cost point of view whilst ensuring that our clients receive professional advice and guidance with any issues that may arise.  We have been providing clients with advice and assistance in this area for over 30 years.

For most people, buying and selling residential property, whether it be vacant land, a house or a unit, will be a large (if not the largest) financial transaction of their lives. There are many aspects – financial, legal and practical – that need to be taken into account in such a transaction. It makes good sense for a person to be properly advised before signing any contract or entering a legally binding contract. To do otherwise may result in difficulties and financial cost that was not anticipated or indeed necessary.

Some people are prepared to do their own conveyancing believing that they can achieve a saving. However, the cost of employing a solicitor is a minor outlay in comparison with other fixed costs of the transaction and the potential cost impact of decisions made without obtaining experienced legal advice.

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