High speed driving offences carry serious penalties in Queensland.

What is a high speed offence?

You may be charged with speeding if you exceed the speed limit allocated to a given area.  However, if you exceed the speed limit by more than 40km an hour, you may be charged with a high speed offence.  This is a more serious offence that carries substantial penalties.

What happens if I am caught speeding?

You will receive your Infringement Notice on the spot (if you are intercepted by police) or by mail or email if you are detected by a speed camera.  The Infringement Notice will set out the fine to be paid, and payment methods.

It will also set out the steps you can take should you wish to contest the Infringement Notice.  You must complete and return the relevant section to indicate that you intend to contest the Infringement Notice within 28 days of issue.  For more information click here.

What is the fine for high range speeding?

You will lose 8 demerit points and receive a fine.  The current allocated demerit points and fine amounts can be located at the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Will I lose my licence?

If you are charged with driving more than 40km an hour over the speed limit, your drivers licence will be suspended for a period of 6 months.

Will I have to go to Court?

You will not usually have to go to Court unless you are subject to further charges.

If you are charged with other offences, you may be required to go to Court.  For example, your conduct may result in you being charged with other traffic offences in addition to the high speed charge.  If you are required to attend Court for other offences, the Court will finalise your high speed charge alongside the other offences.

The amount of your fine will be dependent on the circumstances of your case and your argument before the Court.  You should obtain legal advice before proceeding to Court for a high speed offence.

You can contact our office on 07 4963 2000 or via our online contact form should you wish to speak to one of our solicitors regarding any traffic offences.

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