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De facto Relationships
and Wills

Will separating from my de facto partner impact my Will? Amendments to the Succession Act 1981 on 5 June 2017 mean that the end of a de facto relationship will be treated the same as a divorce when it comes to the effect it will have on a person’s Will. When a couple in a d…
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Child Support after 18

Will I still have to pay child support after my child turns 18? In certain circumstances, yes you may. Application to extend child support assessment A parent receiving child support for a child who is turning 18; and completing full time secondary education; can make a…
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Spousal Maintenance

What is Spousal Maintenance? ‘Spousal maintenance’ is financial support provided by one party to the other after a relationship has ended (whether married or de facto).  Spousal maintenance is one of the orders a party is able to apply for under the Fami…
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Contravention of
Parenting Orders

When a parent breaches a parenting order they can file an Application for Contravention. When a parenting order is made, each person who is affected or directed to do something by that order must follow it.  If a party does not adhere to their obligations under a court or…
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Social Media and
Family Law Proceedings

Can I post about my family law court proceedings? Family law proceedings are confidential and under section 121 of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), it is an offence to “publish” any identifying information relating to your family law matter. Section 121 also makes…
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When do kids get to
decide who they live with?

When working out living arrangements for children after separation, parents will often ask “what age can my child decide who to live with?”  This is an unexpectedly complex answer and it really is true that each case is different.  There is no one set age…
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Changing a Child’s Surname

When the parents of a child separate, the child will retain the surname listed on their birth certificate.  This is usually the father’s surname. Where a mother has remarried or has reverted back to using her maiden name, a parent may want to change a child’…
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Problems Communicating
with Your Ex

Sorting out parenting arrangements after separation can be difficult, particularly when there are problems with communicating with your ex.  It is important to remember that the way parents choose to communicate with each other can be beneficial, or, in some cases…
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