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Copyright, Trademarks and
Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is both complex and interesting, focusing on incentivising artists, creators and inventors to contribute to the progression of arts and science.  This is achieved by protecting the exclusive rights of an individual and affording them co…
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women and man discussing will

Family Provision Application

In Queensland, there are a number of ways in which you can dispute a Will. Such circumstances may include where the testator lacks capacity at the time the Will was made, where the testator’s Will has been overborne by undue influence, or where the testator has failed t…
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insurance claim denied

Insurance Disputes

What is Insurance? Insurance is a form of risk management, which plays a vital role in every aspect of modern society. Although insurance is generally not mandatory, many Australians choose to insure themselves against risk by taking out a variety of insurance polici…
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Are you experiencing financial difficulty?  Maybe you’re contemplating bankruptcy, and need some advice – we may be able to help. Bankruptcy is a legal process that catches most of your debts and liabilities.  It provides individuals relief from rel…
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Anti-Discrimination Law

Australian Anti-Discrimination Law – Your Rights & Obligations In Australia, it is unlawful to discriminate against someone for possessing certain attributes.  The major federal legislative instruments include:- Age Discrimination Act 2004 Austr…
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judgment debt

How to Enforce a
Judgment Debt

There are several ways that you can enforce a judgment debt, including: Enforcement Hearing An enforcement hearing is a useful way to find out about the judgment debtor’s assets and liabilities.  This information may assist you when choosing the most effecti…
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Challenging a Will

Do you feel like a deceased friend or family member’s Will does not reflect their wishes? Or perhaps you are concerned that at the time of making their Will, they were not in the right frame of mind to understand what they were doing. If so, you may be able to challenge the v…
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Debt Recovery

Small Debt Recovery

Small Debt Recovery and Enforcement of Monetary Court Orders Do you have a small debt owing to you?  If the debt is less than $25,000 you can make an Application to QCAT to recover the money from the person or entity that owes you.  Once the Application is filed with QCAT a…
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Preparation for Civil Trial

Being Prepared for
Civil Trial

If your dispute is one that is not resolved prior to attending court, there are many steps and considerations to be made in the lead up to trial.  The month before trial can often cause the greatest amount of stress, the most amount of work, and can be a very emotional time f…
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