Have you been injured
travelling to or from work

If you are injured while travelling between home and your “place of employment”, you may be covered by workers compensation. This is often referred to as a “journey claim”. What is a Journey Claim? A “journey claim” applies when a worker has finished work or is not perfor…
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Workers Compensation
lump sum offers

When a person is injured at work, an important stage of the injury compensation process is to be assessed by a relevant medical specialist for permanent impairment. What is permanent impairment? A permanent impairment is impairment from an injury resulting in loss of…
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Road Fatalities and
Dependency Claims

Earlier this year, fatalities and crash statistics from the past three decades in Australia were released by the Australian Road Death Database. The figures showed that 48,592 people have died on Australian roads since 1989. What is most surprising about this figure…
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Workplace Safety
– is your workplace risky?

A recent analysis of SafeWork Australia data has found that workers in agriculture, forestry, and fishing are most at risk of being injured at work.  Those in transport, stores and warehousing, construction, and mining were close behind when it came to being injured…
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Risks of Work
Related Violence

According to recent work health and safety data, violent incidents in the workplace are increasing.  “Work related violence” is any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work.  These behaviou…
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Wet Weather: Duty of
care owed by occupiers

With the wet season upon us, it is important to remember the duty of care owed by occupiers to patrons and visitors of their premises. In Sutherland Shire Council v Safar [2017] NSWCA 203 the Court of Appeal recently upheld a decision finding an occupier responsible for a…
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Being Prepared for Civil Trial

If your dispute is one that is not resolved prior to attending court, there are many steps and considerations to be made in the lead up to trial.  The month before trial can often cause the greatest amount of stress, the most amount of work, and can be a very emotional time fo…
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Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls down stairs are unfortunately common and can result in an individual suffering a serious injury. If an injury occurs due to the carelessness or negligence of another person, it may be possible to bring a claim for damages. In order to bring a succes…
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What is CTP Insurance?

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Queensland – What is CTP Insurance? You may be entitled to a claim for damages if you have been injured in: a car accident; a motorcycle accident; a bus accident; a truck accident; an incident between a bicycle and any registered vehicle…
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