Our Team

The business and property law team is led by Brett Johnson, managing partner, Sara Sugars, partner, Silvio De Luca, partner and Emma Coburn, partner.  The partners supervise a team of commercial lawyers that includes Melainie Gibson and Catherine Da Silva.

Business & Property Law

Wallace & Wallace Lawyers has extensive experience in business and property law matters and is a leader in the provision of services to business and property owners and operators.

Acquiring, operating and selling commercial premises requires consideration of many important issues including local government requirements, the obligations of lessors and lessees and, of course, specific taxation considerations. Similar considerations arise in connection with owning businesses, not only at the time of buying and selling but continuously throughout its operations.

At Wallace & Wallace Lawyers our business, commercial and property clients can be assured that their requirements will be fulfilled in a timely and cost effective manner.

Corporate Law

We also provide a wide range of legal advice and representation to both public and private sector corporations and their boards of directors in relation to the day to day conduct of their businesses and investments in Queensland.

Our advices and representation cover all aspects of a corporation’s life from formation and funding through expansion and restructuring to shareholder exit and winding up. We assist our corporate clients to comply with the rigorous corporate regulation imposed by the corporations legislation and meet the ever present shareholder demands for improved company performance and shareholder return.

We have experience in advising our corporate clients on and assisting with substantial acquisitions and disposals, joint venture arrangements, shareholder restructures and corporate recovery. The experience of our partners gained whilst serving on boards of corporations enables us to offer a unique understanding of the day to day operation of a corporation. Our understanding of corporate governance and the powers and duties of a director is a valuable resource for our corporate clients.

At Wallace & Wallace Lawyers we place as much emphasis on our advice being commercially relevant and practical as we do on it being accurate.

The firm offers services covering a wide range of matters, some of which are:

  • Sales and acquisitions
  • Business structures
  • Franchising
  • Leases (for both Lessor and Lessee)
  • Business agreements and contracts
    • Partnership agreements
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Unitholder agreements
    • Employment contracts
    • Hire agreements
    • Loan agreements
  • Finance and security documentation
  • Mortgages
  • Joint ventures
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Intellectual property
  • Rural law:
    • Buying and selling rural property
    • Sugar cane supply agreements
    • Leasing of rural properties
    • Agistment agreements
    • Compensation agreements
    • Share farming agreements
  • Planning and development matters:
    • Land subdivisions
    • Unit and other community management developments
    • Retirement villages
    • Tourism enterprises

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